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May 2021

Sash and Sabre Confederates Empress Vietnam civillians Gringo 40s US Marines and MPs

April 2021

Lord Scarlett and trumpeter from Britannia Miniatures The 30th Cambridgeshire Regt from Great war miniatures (flags not unfurled due to...

March 2021

Gringo 40s and Empress miniatures Vietnam range miniatures The Green uniform is from the AK interactive DAK paint set The Light brigade...

February 2021

WW1 French trench raiding teams from Old Glory More Poilu The Uniform color is from Ak's ww1 french triad i used scalecolor caspian blue...

Jan 2021

The Rifle brigade, Crimea 1854 I had finished painting these figs at the end of last year (the year that we wont mention) but had only...

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