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February 2021

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

WW1 French trench raiding teams from Old Glory

More Poilu

The Uniform color is from Ak's ww1 french triad i used scalecolor caspian blue for the helmut and puttees though theres not much difference.

for the mud effect i use panzer aces canvas mixed with german camo black brown then just canvas then for a highlight panzer aces light mud.

on these two images you can see a before and after i add the mud effect.

WW2 Italian infantry from Empress Miniatures

The Uniform colour is a 879 green brown with 822 german camo black brown 50/50 mix

Green brown for base

Green brown and 914 green ohcre 60/40 mix

Viet Cong female Soldiers from gringo 40s

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