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Finnish WW2 Winter Bundle

Finnish WW2 Winter Bundle


Printed under licence from  Just some miniatures


Finnish Winter Bundle includes

Commander,sniper and flamethrower. (3 figs)

Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck team. (3 figs)

AT team. (2 figs)

Jaakari skiers team. (5 figs)

Finnish Infantry squad. (5 figs)

Finnish Maxim MMG team. (3 figs)

Finnish Medium Mortar team. (3 figs

Finnish Infantry Squad - Open hands changable weapons. (5 figs)

Finnish light kinetic thrower (2 figs)

Finnish Soldiers and female cook (3 figs)

Pack Reindeer and Finnish Soldier (2 figs)

Wounded soldier and medic on Ahkio sled, (2 figs)

Ostfront horse drawn wagon, (1 fig.1 horse and 1 cart)

Calming the reindeer, (2 figs)

Finnish Reindeer Sled, (2 figs)

Finnish horse drawn sled (2 figs and sled)

Wounded Atti, (2 figs and sled)


50 Figures, Animals and transport in total


⭐ 3D Resin Print
⭐ One Piece Figures
⭐ High-Quality Sculpt
⭐Compatible with Popular Tabletop WarGames
⭐Made in UK - Shipping World-Wide


Contains 50  Minifigures


🚨 These mini's are once-piece figures.

The Minifigures are not the end product, they require additional preparation, priming, and painting.
This is not a toy intended for kids.


🚚All orders are shipped from UK.
Customs fees and import duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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