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Canadian 6pdr Anti-tank

Canadian 6pdr Anti-tank


Printed under licence from  RKXminiatures

This is a 5 man  28mm Canadian (or British) 6pdr Anti-tank team


⭐ 3D Resin Print
⭐ One Piece Figures
⭐ High-Quality Sculpt
⭐Compatible with Popular Tabletop WarGames
⭐Made in UK - Shipping World-Wide


Contains 5  Minifigures and 1 6pdr Anti-tank


🚨 These mini's are once-piece figures.

The Minifigures are not the end product, they require additional preparation, priming, and painting.
This is not a toy intended for kids.


🚚All orders are shipped from UK.
Customs fees and import duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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